Student holding an airplane pen, given to her by Pratt and Whitney.

In the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Lab of Emma Elementary School (EES) dreams take flight and innovation soars. 

Aerospace engineers with Pratt and Whitney spoke with students about the engineering process for making key parts that propel airplanes through the sky. EES is a Leader in Me school where students follow “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” to become productive members of society. This visit tied in key components of the Leader in Me 7 Habits. 

“It is important that students be exposed to various career options at a young age,” said Media Specialist Arai Greenwell-Mcansh. “Ultimately we want all students to be happy, healthy, contributing members of society. We hope to encourage this through various career explorations at a young age.”

Students held and looked at key components that help airplanes fly, and were given a bag full of goodies from Pratt and Whitney. Students held airplane parts in their small hands and put into perspective how the smallest piece of metal can be a crucial proponent in making airplanes fly. Visits such as these expose students to STEM-related careers that they may have never dreamed of before. 

“These career visits spark curiosity with real world applications, showing students how science, technology, engineering, and math come alive in exciting careers,” said Ms. Greenwell-Mcansh. “Seeing professionals and exploring tools ignites imaginations, inspires exploration and helps students connect classroom learning to future possibilities.” 

Students with the engineers from Pratt and Whitney for a group photo.