Emma Elementary School
School Improvement Team
Tuesday January 16, 2018

Members Present

__X_   Jeremy Stowe     Principal

____   Carla Shipman       Assistant Principal

__X_  Debbie Hinson        K Grade Teacher

_X___ Shirley Young          First Grade Teacher

_X___ Kim Dotson            Second Grade Teacher

__X__ Cara Pollard            Third Grade Teacher

__X__ Karen Whitten         Fourth Grade Teacher

____  Leslie Tritle             Assistant

__X__ Anita Lovejoy          ESL Teacher

____   Andrea Golden        Parent

_X___ Tonya Deweese       Title I

__X__ Elizabeth Walton    Counselor

____                               Specialist

____   Virgina Edwards      Special Ed


Mid Year Progress Report
T1 Updates
LIM Updates
Faculty Concerns

Meeting Commenced at___7:05_____

Minutes from last meeting approved:   ____x___Yes ________No

 Next Meeting____February 12__2018 at 7:00 AM


  • Mid Year Progress Report: SIT needs to update the data on the mid-year progress report. Our goal is to have the mid-year progress report complete by February 13. Grade levels will need to compile the math data for Goal 2. Mrs. Deweese and Ms. Solesbee will work on the data for Goals 1 and 3. SIT will meet on Tuesday, February 12 to finish the mid-year progress report.


  • T1 Updates: The additional Title I money is specific to remediation. Our plan is to hire two additional 4.5 Title I tutors. The tutors need to be certified. The rest of the remediation money will be used to hold a Math and ELA Bootcamp for 3rd and 4th graders before the retest in June.


  • Lexia: Please make sure you are checking your Lexia reports and students are meeting their weekly Lexia usage. Last week, our school usage was at 39%. Usage % is based on student’s meeting weekly usage. Our percent needs to be at 50% or higher. Jane Priest will be here on Monday, February 5th  to meet with PLC’s. She will go over the new reports and our data.


  • LIM Updates
    • SIT/Lighthouse team Visits: Mr. Stowe and Mrs. Shipman are working on setting up school visits for SIT members.
    • Action Teams will meet the 4th Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be on Thursday, January 25.


  • Faculty Concerns:
    • Staff meeting on Thursday, January 18 at 3:15.
    • Career Day will be on Friday, April 27.
    • IEP’s need to be scheduled before 7:30 or after 2:30.