Emma Elementary School

School Improvement Team

Tuesday April 10, 2018


Members Present

___X_ Jeremy Stowe             Principal

____ Carla Shipman               Assistant Principal

__X__Debbie Hinson             K Grade Teacher

__X__Shirley Young              First Grade Teacher

__X__Kim Dotson                 Second Grade Teacher

__X__Cara Pollard                 Third Grade Teacher

__X__Karen Whitten              Fourth Grade Teacher

____Leslie Trittle                    Assistant

__X__Anita Lovejoy                  ESL Teacher

____ Andrea Golden              Parent

__X__Tonya Deweese            Title I

__X__Elizabeth Walton            Counselor

____ Jenny Johnson                Specialist

__X__ Virgina Edwards         Special Ed



  1. New End Time- How did it go?
  2. 3rd and 4th grade EOG remediation here at Emma
  3. T1 Updates
  4. Daily Dish
  5. LIM Updates
  6. Faculty Concerns


Meeting Commenced at___7:05_____


Minutes from last meeting approved:   ____X___Yes ________No


Next Meeting May 8, 2018 at 7:00 AM


  New End Time- How did it go?: SIT members stated that they enjoyed the extra learning time with students.


  2. 3rd and 4th grade EOG remediation here at Emma
    1. June 20-28 (6 Days 7:30-12:30): We are looking for 4 teachers that would be interested in teaching our remediation camp. Please let Mr. Stowe or Mrs. Deweese know if you are interested.
    2. We won’t know the number students until after EOG’s.


  3. T1 Updates: The Comprehensive Needs Assessment will be due in June. We will need to be very specific with our CNA. The CNA must show how the purchases we made, with TI funds, were successful in growing our students. SIT will start working on the CNA in May.


  4. Daily Dish: Ms. Pollard developed a Google Doc called the Daily Dish. It is very similar to the daily bulletin we had years ago. The Daily Dish will be a great way to communicate with each other. It would be a place to remind staff of important dates or information. Every staff member would have access to it but only certain staff members will be given editing rights to the Google Doc. The SIT team approved the use of the Daily Dish as a communication tool.


  5. LIM Updates
    1. SIT/Lighthouse team Visits: Lighthouse team members will visit Weaverville Elementary on April 27.
    2. Leadership Day: May 15 from 8:00-10:30


  6. Faculty Concerns:

Important Dates:

April 28: Community Yard Sale

May 12: Playground Build

May 15: Leadership Showcase