Art Classes

Art classes give students opportunities to express their ideas, stories, and feelings.  Students also use problem-solving skills to find the best means of expression, to transform ideas into visual images, and to manipulate materials for the effect they want.  Through working with their hands, students gain fine motor control and practical skills related to making things and fixing things.

In many of our art lessons, we look to Art History to find out how other artists have expressed ideas.  Also, by looking at the art of people around the world, we learn about traditions in other countries.  Art helps students develop a sense of self in relationship to the world.

Art classes allow students to explore a variety of art processes such as drawing, painting, collage, and clay.  Lessons build on concepts learned the year before, challenging students to work in more mature ways.  Students may work with similar art materials, but they will apply them to new ideas.  

Art lessons are often integrated with academic goals.  Telling a story through art and organizing images on the page, use skills that support the writing process.  Looking at artwork to understand the artist’s ideas require visual literacy skills similar to reading.  Although Art is fun, it also requires thinking that can help students in their other subjects.