Our School

School Mission Statement
We believe that a child's education is enhanced by a partnership between home, school, and community; by instruction focused on individual needs; and by a respect for personal strengths, talents, and cultural diversity. Through teamwork and high expectations, we provide an environment in which learning becomes a lifelong pursuit for students and staff.

School Belief Statement
• To ensure student success, education has to be a partnership between home, school, and community.

 When parents and the community are involved in student learning and model the importance of education, learning becomes a lifelong pursuit.

 Through the establishment of high expectations and the belief that all students can learn, teachers will enable students to become lifelong learners.

• When students hold high expectations for themselves, they are able to learn at a significant rate, which results in student success and achievement.

 Students need opportunities to learn that support diverse learning styles and that allow students to exercise personal strengths and talents.

• Strong, involved, and supportive leadership and staff are essential to a successful school.

 Instruction should focus on students' varied learning levels with all staff sharing responsibility in order to maximize student potential for learning.

 To support a cohesive, innovative learning environment, school staff need teamwork, communication between grade levels, and a strong, supportive leader.

 A positive, nurturing, respectful environment facilitates learning.

 In order to learn, students need a safe, supportive environment that is coupled with kindness and structure.

 To encourage an understanding of others, students need multi-cultural experiences that reflect the cultures represented by the student body.

The curriculum should address the needs of the students by using varied learning styles and interconnecting content area to ensure learning.

 The curriculum should honor the past while embracing technology and other innovations of the future.

Buncombe County Schools Purpose & Direction
To provide safe and engaging learning environments that prepare students for their tomorrow. Our students will become successful, responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.