Virtual Days

Hello parents and guardians! I am happy to support your child's speech and language needs during BCS virtual days. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about your child's speech and language development or progress in speech therapy. I am here to assist you as you help your child develop his/her speech and language skills. Email me at 

If your child receives speech/language therapy at Emma, you will see an individualized packet of speech/language materials in your child's take-home baggie. Please help your child with these materials as needed. During virtual days, I plan to contact you via email with activities and resources according to your child's speech/language goals and our regular speech schedule together. Please contact me if you have another preferred means of communication. I am happy to create a Google Classroom for your child's speech goals upon request. 

I am available for office hours 9am-1pm Monday-Friday. 

**Yo hablo español**

Here are some additional resources to support your child's speech and language development: Lots of articulation worksheets and activities for elementary students. Lots of articulation word lists/stories and language activities. Primarily for older elementary students. Free speech and language activities based on area of need, including games, flashcards, and worksheets. Lots of free speech and language worksheets. Reading passages and questions. Online articulation games.