Famous People Project

Our class worked with students in Ms. Emmet's second grade on a really cool project.  First we researched famous people.  Next we wrote short reports about the people and typed our reports using word processing.  
Finally, we turned our reports into awesome Vokis.   

Arias and Christopher
Ava and Katherine
Darius and Simon 
Dylan and Anna
Elijah and Kweli
Fernando and AJ
Heavyn and Tashiona 
Ian and  Anthony
Jalen and Heidy
Kathy, Evelyn, and Sally
Kellis and Yaleska 
Landon and Daymien 
Lupe and Marifer
Rocio and Jovani
Sebastian and Cruz 
Vlad and Naomy
Yoselin and Lorelei
Zariah and David