Castelloe, Paul (4th Grade)

Welcome to my Classroom
Paul Castelloe

I am a third-year teacher at Emma Elementary. I am teaching second grade.
The Assistant Teacher in our classroom is Grace Ray. Ms. Grace is an Americorp worker. We are lucky to have her in our classroom. The kids love her!    
I am excited to be teaching second grade at Emma. Second graders are so full of life and fun. And they are getting so big! I also enjoy the second grade curriculum, the focus on becoming better readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists.
I deeply enjoy teaching. I love to sit at morning meeting with a group of young students and sing silly songs. I enjoy supporting them as they work hard to become better readers. I am amazed by watching English Language Learners learn to read, in their second language. I get energized when I see the light bulbs go off in students' head as they come to understand place value and counting by 10s.
I love spending my days finding joy in the unexpected things that young children say and do, the little things that make me laugh deeply, feel vibrant, and feel glad to be alive.