Burton, Lauri (Kindergarten)

Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is.....
                        Lauri Burton
                      [email protected]
Hello to all my wonderful kindergarten families!
My name is Lauri Burton. I am a kindergarten teacher at Emma Elementary. I enjoy working and learning each and every day as an Emma Cougar!  I love the kids, the families, the community and the staff. Together we all make a great support team for our kids.

I believe each child is has strengths and talents.  
Together as a unified team: teachers, staff, families and the community, we can bring out and encourage those strengths and talents making whole students who are excited about learning, making and reaching their goals, and becoming good citizens and leaders in our world.

I believe Kindergarten is the foundation of the child's academic and educational life. This solid foundation needs to be strong, both with the curriculum and with the love of school and learning as a whole. That is my desire and goal for each of my students every year.
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