Current Assignments

Reading:  Every night students should bring home a book that is on their independent reading level.  Students should read this book to an adult for 20-30 minutes and discuss the story with an adult. If the student finishes the book in less than 20 minutes, he/she should read it again.  The adult should sign the student's reading paper every day.  (If the reading paper is not signed, the student receives a zero homework grade.)

Math:  A math packet is sent home every Monday in the purple communication folder.  The packet should be returned to school for a grade on Friday.  The math in this packet is a review of skills we have previously learned in class and the students should be able to complete the packet with little assistance.  

In addition we will often send home math practice games to play at home with the family. 

Reflex Math can be accessed at home on computer or tablet using the same login your child uses at school.  It is a great program for practicing math addition and subtraction fluency.