Virtual Days

Office Hours:

9 AM- 1 PM

Learning Systems:

1-Lessons will be posted right here.

2- Lessons will also be posted within your (K-2) Seesaw classroom or your (3-4) Google Classroom.

How to Contact Me:

Please e-mail me any work or progress that you want to share with me, or any questions that you might have.

March Fitness Calendar

Week 1 P.E. Assignment  Avengers workout    Justice League Workout   Would You Rather #1   Would You Rather #2   Would You Rather #3  Superhero Battle Fitness


Daily Plank Challenge
*Day 1-

Extra Activities for Fun and Movement
* speed stacks home fitness
* learn to speed stack

*  All kinds of movement activities
* Just Dance Kids-Trolls
* Jump Rope Skills
*   Dance Videos
*  Heart Healthy Bingo
*  At Home Movement Ideas