Virtual Days

My office hours will be 9-11 and 12-2, Monday-Friday.

4th Graders
You have work in our Google Classroom and through the packet sent home with your other school stuff.  The packet is the same as the Google Classroom.  The Google Classroom has videos of me explaining things as well as videos of me reading the book aloud.  You can do your AIG assignments in your AIG notebook or online on the Google Classroom, it is up to you!  You can also use the above links to websites for extra opportunities for enrichment while you're at home.

1-3 Graders
Our Problem Solvers and Talent Development students can learn, problem-
solve and work from home to develop their deeper thinking skills.
This list provides games, activities and websites where your 1st-3rd graders
can work on these skills at home.

At home family games:
● Blockus
● Apples to Apples
● Smart Mouth
● Quirkle
● Tri-ominoes
● Q-bitz
● Scrabble
● Yahtzee
● Tribond
● Mancala
● Checkers
● Dominos
● Picdoku (Sudoku with Pictures!☺)
● Uno
● Chess
● Deck of Cards
● Games that encourage thinking
● Phase 10
● Clue
● Set
● Bananagrams

At home individual games/activities:
● Sudoku
● KenKen
● Puzzles
● Rush Hour (logic game) ( for an ONLINE RushHour!)
● Pathwords (an extreme word search)
● TurnStile (logic game)

Apps for phone or tablet
● Lightbot - One Hour of Coding
● A.L.E.X – coding
● RushHour
● KenKen
● Unblock Me (free)
● Logic Dots
● Flow Free
● KenKen or MathDoku-app for phones/ipad
● 4 Pics 1 word
● Pic Combo
● MANY more that are very low cost or even FREE!

yList%202014.pdf (can play some of the individual games online!)