Identification Process

There is a specific process in place to identify students for the AIG Program.  This applies to students in grades 3-8.

In the fall of third grade, all students take a test called the CogAt which provides a screening for students who may be eligible.  Third grade testing and identification begins after the administration of the CogAt.  Fourth grade nominations can be made at any time.  For students in K-2, please see the Problem Solvers page.

Step 1: Nomination
The student needs to be nominated and an official nomination form must be filled out and given to the AIG Specialist.  This is usually done by teachers, however, parents may nominate their children and students can nominate themselves.

Step 2: Permission to Test
Once the nomination form has been obtained by the AIG Specialist, a permission to test form will be sent home.  It needs to be signed and dated by the parent/guardian and the "yes, I give permission" box should be checked.

Step 3: Testing
The AIG Specialist will then complete an eligibility form for the student and gather any pertinent testing data already completed (e.g. EOG scores) and determine which additional testing is needed.  The AIG Specialist will complete that additional testing.

Step 4: AIGIT Meeting to Determine Placement
The AIG Identification Team will meet (this is comprised of teachers/faculty) and determine whether eligibility requirements are met and what the appropriate placement for the student is.  The AIGIT team uses the following criteria to determine eligibility:
Identification Matrix

Step 5: Parent/Guardian Notification
If the student does place into the AIG program the AIG Specialist will contact the family and schedule a time to go over test results in person, as well as discuss what placement is appropriate for the child.  The parent will sign and date the placement form and services will start immediately.

If the student does not place, a letter will be sent to families via USPS explaining testing results and the team's decision.  Students who do not place into the AIG Program may be nominated again the following year.