Family Engagement Policy English

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Emma Elementary School
Title I Family Engagement Policy

Title I is a federally funded program which provides for many school-wide initiatives. The overall aim of Emma Elementary School’s Title One program is to promote partnerships that will increase family engagement and participation in fostering the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.

Emma Elementary shall provide the following for the continuous improvement of family engagement:

  1. Assistance for parents in understanding Common Core and Essential Standards state academic content and achievement standards.
  2. Title I program regulations and schedules.
  3. Materials and Training in literacy to assist parents in working with their children at home.
  4. Education for all school personnel on effectively communicating with parents.
  5. Clear and consistent communication between staff and parents regarding all meetings and school functions.
  6. Support for parents as requested.
  7. Information and materials sent home in the parent’s home language.
  8. A parent liaison to facilitate communication between the school and parents.
  9. Support for transition into kindergarten and intermediate school.
  10. Our school website offers grade level information, student support services, school-wide activities, academic links, and community resources.
  11.  Alert Now is an automated calling system that will be utilized by administration to keep parents informed of school specific events, issues, reminders, and PTO News.