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Emma Elementary School

2020-2021 Title 1 Family Engagement Plan

We, at Emma Elementary, believe the education of our students must be a joint effort by the school, parents and child.  We strive to provide programs and materials which allow our parents to feel comfortable and welcome in our school.  We believe that we must assist parents in seeing the importance of being involved in their child’s education. The instructional goal of Title I is to provide high quality supplementary instruction that complements classroom instruction.  Our goal is to involve not only the school staff in these endeavors, but the students, parents and community.  We provide the following ways to encourage our family’s involvement throughout the year:

  • School Functions Held by Title 1

1. Virtual Annual Title I Meeting: The Title I specialist will have a virtual annual presentation for parents in our school. Our annual Title I meeting will be held individually in each classroom this year. The presentation will be posted as an assignment for both parents and students. The purpose of the meeting will be to inform parents of what Title I is and our policy for the school, the programs and activities for our students, and the ways our funds are spent.  It is also now when we will outline the school year in terms of opportunities for family engagement.

2. The Leader in Me Student Leadership Guides: Parents of Kindergarten through Fourth grade students will learn how to use TLIM student leadership guides at home. Parents will learn the key concepts associated with the 7 Habits. The virtual presentation will be held individually in each classroom.

3. Kindergarten Orientation Night: Parents of upcoming kindergarten students are provided with information regarding the expectations of kindergarten and what the parents must do before school begins in August.  Parents and children are given a packet of manipulatives that can help prepare them for Kindergarten.

4. Lunch and Learn:  Parents of Kindergarten through Fourth grade students will have an opportunity to eat lunch with their child and return to the classroom to learn grade level math strategies, reading strategies or The Leader in Me information.

5. Leadership Day: Leadership Day showcases our students, their leadership skills, and the leadership philosophy driving Emma Elementary.

6. Parent Teacher Conferences: Kindergarten through Fourth grade teachers will schedule conferences with parents at least twice a year to share information concerning their child’s strengths and weaknesses. The first conference should be held close to or after the completion of the first nine weeks. During this conference, teachers will review Emma Elementary’s Home School Compact.  If parents request an early conference, the request will be honored.  Parents are encouraged to attend parent/teacher conferences. Teachers, administrators, and staff are available for conference or information during the school day providing it does not interfere with the educational process, otherwise a meeting will be scheduled.

  • Additional Family Engagement Opportunities Available from Title 1:
  1. Parent Workshops will be held throughout the school year relevant to parents needs and feedback from parent surveys. Parents will also be invited in during the school day to help them become more engaged in their child’s education.
  2. Parent, Teacher, Student Contract – A required document for all parties involved in the child’s education.Each stakeholder must sign this document.It states what each stakeholder is expected to do in the child’s education and upbringing.
  3. Emma’s School Improvement Team will write, with the help of parents, a FamilyEngagement Plan and Policy. The policy is reviewed annually to review the effectiveness of the plan. The plan and policy will be introduced to parents during the fall annual Title I meeting.. In the spring, the plan and policy will be evaluated and revised if needed.
  4. Emma’s Title 1 will provide Kindergarten through fourth grades with homework folders.These folders allow for daily communication between parent, child, and teacher.
  5. Emma’s Title I will provide Tier II literacy intervention support through small reading groups for a 30 minute block K-4.
  6. Emma’s Title 1 will provide interpreters at all Title 1 parent meetings.
  7. Emma’s Title 1 will solicit up to two parent volunteers to sit on the Countywide Parent Advisory Council, also known as “PAC”.
  8. The school will actively solicit parents to volunteer in all capacities such as Title I Parent Advisory Council, Emma’s Advisory Council, Emma’s PTO, Career Day, Field Day, Leadership Day, Health Fair, and other parent events.
  9. Emma’s Title I will provide classroom teachers with the materials needed to effectively teach students at Emma Elementary.
  10. Emma’s Title I will provide a parent liaison to facilitate communication between the school and parents.
  11. A Title I Family Engagement Survey will be sent home at the end of the year for parents to have input on the year’s parent activities.
  12. Ready Rosie videos that correlate to the standards being taught in the classroom.