Media Classes

Grades K - 2:  Students in grades K-2 are on a fixed schedule and come to the media center once a week for a thirty minute class.  The media coordinator plans the classes, and each class includes activities designed to introduce the students to specific works of literature.  At the end of the class, students are able to select books for check-out.

Grades 3-5: Students in grades 3-5 use a flexible schedule and come to the media center to complete specific curriculum related research or exploration projects.  These projects are planned collaboratively by the media coordinator and the classroom teacher and may vary in length from a single 30-minute session to multiple 60- or even 90-minute sessions.  In addition, students in grades 3-5 come to the media center at least once a week to check out reading materials.

Checking Out Materials

Throughout the day (7:30 - 3:30) students from all grade levels are welcome to come to the media center to return and check out books.  Students in grade K check out one item (book, magazine, or CD) at a time, and most other students check out two items at a time.  Spanish and Russian speaking students are allowed to select a third book if it is in the language that they speak at home.  The standard check-out period is one week; however, students may renew materials as often as needed.

Students who have lost books or have not returned books will have their check-out privileges limited until they either return the missing items or pay for them.  If a student pays for a lost item and then finds it, the student may return the item and receive a refund.


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