Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Services

At Emma Elementary, our speech-language pathologist works with students who have a variety of communication disorders.  Some students may have trouble understanding or using language, others may struggle to pronounce specific sounds, and still others may need support in order to speak fluently.

Many students at Emma are English Language Learners at varying stages of English acquisition. While they may have some difficulties understanding and using language, it is primarily due to learning the new language, not because of a disorder of communication.

A student is referred to the speech-language pathologist when evaluations are needed to determine eligibility in the program.  If the student is eligible for the Speech-Language Impaired program of special education, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed and therapy is scheduled.  Identified students usually receive specialized instruction once or twice a week either individually or in small groups in order to help make communication more successful and enjoyable.  The speech-language program is structured to support the North Carolina Standard Course of Study whether the student’s need is functional or academic. 

For more information, contact Eyrie Sandland, Emma's speech-language pathologist.